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Synergy with KA 131

Valongo, Oporto (Portugal)

2-6 April 2023

As part of the the synergy established with Erasmus Plus KA131 for student internships and teacher jobshadowing at IES San Sebastián, we visited the Agrupamento de Escolas and shared a great experience at ES Valongo, a Secondary education and VET centre.

We had the opportunity to do a jobshadowing in several subjects: English and IT. So, it was a good chance to disseminate KA 226 We are Ready for Digital World, and also share teaching-learning experiences in relation to these subjects. We attended teacher Maria Luisa Literature class and enjoyed students recitation of “Campos Verdes” and also a group poetry reading performance. We also enjoyed Olga López and one of the IT teachers talk about methodology to evaluate students by means of New Technologies.

Teacher Carmen F Nevado delivered a Padlet presentation on some of her favourite apps: Duolingo, Splid, Trello, Flipgrid, Slido. Students also talked about their favourite apps and how they use them. Teachers Manuel Cejudo and M.ª Ángeles Espina made a presentation about Huelva.

English was the vehicle for communication.

We met the school Headmistress and the Councellor for Education. The Portuguese teachers were very friendly, there was always someone to have a nice conversation with.

The center was about to go on Easter holidays and celebrated an Open Day as they had been the winners of the Echo-School logo. The whole school community took part. Several booths were set up where students displayed self-made materials to demonstrate scientific facts, increase awareness about recycling, work on communication, etc. The Portuguese flag was raised and the Echo-School hymn was sung.
To round it all off, we were treated to an unforgettable meal served by the Training Cycle in Cooking and Catering students.
Special thanks to teacher Ligia Martins, an Erasmus Plus coordinator, for her total involvement and dedication.

PADLET presentation:


Ubuntu, a non formal education programme:

Marked by experiential and relational dimension: «I am because you are; I can only be person through other people «

We also had the opportunity to learn about Ubuntu method. Ana Nobre, a Psycologist at ES Escolas in Valongo, shared an interesting experience to work with students. We are planning to bring her as an expert to help us work discipline at our school.