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Synergy with «Pacto Verde»

Pacto Verde, Green Deal: Europe’s future depends on a healthy planet. EU countries are committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050, delivering on the commitments under the Paris Agreement. The European Green Deal is the EU’s strategy for reaching the 2050 goal.


Thanks to Laura Salgado, Head of the Training Department at Inercia Digital, we had the chance to meet Marta, who is the coordinator of an Erasmus KA 122. We held an interesting conversation, talked about our previous KA 129 The Art of Recycling and Reuse, and plenty more projects at IES San Sebastián, like KA229 TILT (on environmental issues). After this encounter, Antonio, who is a drone pilot himself, will travel to Tallin, Estonia, together with 3 girls students. They will take part in a workshop. One of the main objectives will be to foster Sciences among girls.

We counted on their expertise for some of our Teaching-Learning sessions during the mobility in October 22. Our partners were fully satisfied. A course was held with sessions on sustainable entrepreneurship, valuing the eco-environmental and social dimension of development. Besides, we worked on the importance of digital competence for social, economic and environmental sustainability.

In summary, the National Strategic Partnership should

  1. Propose the 3 young women who will participate in the project.
  2. Attend the workshop in Tallinn.
  3. Deliver the drone workshop
  4. Deliver the seminar (in this activity the expert will be provided with a symbolic amount of €100).

The aim of this course is, therefore, to introduce the main tools and techniques for piloting drones and their application in different environmental work such as pest analysis, wildlife censuses, projects and various studies with special emphasis on forestry. Drones can do a lot to help preserve our natural spaces. They can monitor large areas of territory with ease, which means that there is less impact on the area due to human presence. In addition, drones provide an aerial view, which detects problems that would not be visible from the ground or from lower perspectives.

Antonio (left), Carmen (right), with Marta and collaborator from Pacto Verde
Our school drone

They they are!

Tallin, Estonia 12-18 April 2023

At the University in Tallin:

They have seen the theory of drones, their design, how they are flown, the legislation and the environmental applications of drones.

Spanish students:

Esperanza Martín 1Business, Finance & Administration; Irina Myhaylenko Vaquero 1 Commerce; Miriam García 1 DAW (Web Application Design)


IT teacher Antonio Vázquez and Estonian teachers: