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Programming with Scratch/Microbit

Our students at 1 and 2 years of CSE have worked Programming in their IT classes.

The activities students are enjoying are:

– Programming SCRATCH to make video games.

–Implement a micro bit step counter.

Maqueen robot-car programming to solve challenges.

Hereby, some moments and productions:

With Scratch:

Nov 2021

Samuel, IT teacher in the subject of Robotics at 1 ESO with 12-13 year-olds, has helped students programme a short video game. They love this subject.

Robotics class at 1 ESO with the teacher, José A Ortega:


Another video game

With Microbit:

April 2022

Jan 2023

One of our new IT teachers, Reyes Catela, has worked Microbit with her CSE students.

Video game created by students: