Presentation IES San Sebastián- Coordinator, Spain

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IES San Sebastián, Huelva (Spain)

                               Painting by Andrés Espuela, local artist

A presentation of our city and province.pptx

Robots made up of discard computer components in previous project KA 129 The Art of Recycling and Reuse.

Our proyect is called KA 226: We are Ready for Digital World

Spain is the coordinating country, TurkeyNorth MacedoniaGreece and Lithuania are our partners.

Carmen F Nevado, personally got in touch with Mustafa Aydin through e-Twinning and FaceBook around  5 October 2020.

As we liked the idea of exploiting apps in class, we jumped into the pool! We are a cutting-edge highschool if we talk about new technologies and methodology. We also have experience in Erasmus projects; so, we managed to form a team of teachers who were eager to do something different.

OLGA is a photo editor with which we can create montages and collages with the photos that we store in the memory of our Android device. foto-revista is a web application that is responsible for transforming the photo that you select on the cover of the magazine that you mark as an option.