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Merge Cube is a black and silver physical cube that has inlaid designs which interact with apps to transform them into a digital canvas. It can entail the solar system, the body, animals,… It is an A.R cube (augmented reality),  inexpensive,  and used as an educational tool particularly in Primary or early Secondary Education, helping to connect learning and technology.

The cube works by using the camera function in the apps to detect the distinct patterns of the cube sides to allow the coding to interact with it, in the same functional way as a QR code on a product.

Manuel Mora, an IT teacher owns a 3D Printer. He has printed a cube. We are also acquiring a 3D printer for our school and start implementing activities with students.

You just have to stick a template and see the outcome!

During the Mobility in Lithuania, one of the Teaching/ Learning Activities consisted in using the Merge Cube to study the anatomy of bugs:

Merge Cube 3D printer video on Vimeo

Video of the session with students on Vimeo

We have just acquired a few Merge Cubes, downloaded apps and getting familiar with them.

Students at 1 ESO (12-13 year-olds) getting to grips with the cube. They were really amazed and showed great enthusiasm to work with VR and AR.

Alejandro Vázquez, Lola and Carmen F Nevado putting into practice the Merge Cube and some activities, both in Spanish and English, with 12-13 year-old students at 1 ESO:

Apps downloaded to make MergeCube work::

From https://www.docentesdelcambio.com/recursos