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Fun activities Media Literacy Skills

Fun and Quick Activities to Help Your Students Build Their Media Literacy Skills:


In an era of fake news, it’s more important than ever to give our students the skills they need to spot it!

Lesson 1- Do you Dare?

Sometimes, things are not as they seem. In this activity, students will explore some deceiving photos of a cliff in Pedra Do Telegrafa in Rio Dejanero, Brazil. Then, they will take a closer look at an actual photo of the cliff. This activity also has an option for students to try to create a photographic optical illusion of their own.

Lesson 2- Is this information CRAAP?

When it comes to figuring out if the information our students are using as a reliable source is actually, well…reliable, it’s important they know how to choose their sources appropriately. By using the CRAAP protocol, students can better determine fact from fiction.

Lesson 3- The Quest for Truth

Information literacy becomes an exciting adventure as your students hop on board a pirate ship to help the crew discover what’s causing a bad bout of scurvy. Along the way, they’ll need to exercise their information literacy skills to learn the truth and to help restore the crew to health.

Lesson 4 – Cases to Crack

Misinformation is always dangerous, whether we’re dealing with rumors or traveling to alien planets. In Cases to Crack, you can choose from two interactive games where students can use their information literacy skills to solve a mystery. It’s time to get cracking!