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Genially is a media creation platform focused on designing and sharing media creations and presentations of all kinds. From the dashboard or mobile phone, students can start from blank or predesigned templates organized into 12 types, including videos, infographics, interactive images, quizzes, and more.

Huelva Cinema Week

The Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival (Spanish: Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva), held since 1975 in Huelva is the oldest film festival in Europe dedicated to the Ibero-American cinema.

During the first editions, it was known as Semana de Cine Iberoamericano  (Ibero-American Film Week). The festival was originally organised by a private entity, the Cine-Club Huelva.

Upon the creation of the governing Fundación del Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, and the ensuing constitution of the board of trustees, the festival is primarily funded by the Town Hall, Town Council, Junta of Andalusia, Ministry of Culture, as well as a number of private donors.

The festival is chiefly publicly funded. The grand prize is the ‘Golden Columbus’ (Colón de Oro) for best feature. Other awards include: best director, best male lead, best female lead, best script, best photography and best short film.

Cinema Classroom

The Andalusian Agency for Cultural Institutions signs a collaboration agreement with the Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival to carry out training activities in the Aula de Cine educational program in order to promote audiovisual literacy among Andalusian students.

This was a project at IES San Sebastián.

A series of screenings of different films, in a very friendly and conducive environment to improve interaction between teachers and with students. Each teacher will choose a few (4 to 6) students from any course and prepare a movie viewing with them. This film will be screened later for a small group of students and teachers. Before each projection, the students will make a presentation of the aspects that they consider most interesting in relation to the film. A worksheet will also be made of its adaptation to certain areas of the curriculum and its educational value. Later, the film can be presented to a class group.

New Technologies applied to the Cinema

   Cinta Fernandez Villegas, English teacher, has collaborated very actively in the preparation of materials Presentation of a cinema classroom in Genially:

There is a great variety of apps to use:

Madlipz, for dubbing

FilmoraGo, is a trendy video editing app for beginners.

ImageChef, photo, audio, and video editing, for fun


Shortcut, video editor

By the way, just purchased a Croma screen!

Chroma key is a term most associated with the desired effect achieved from the use of a green or blue screen, or by using green or blue paint. Let’s explain what chroma key technology is and how to use it.

Students at 1 Business Administration and Finance:

MadLips to dub videos:

Kinemaster to tell your own story: