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Erasmus Day

«EramusDays» is a campaign to celebrate ERASMUS+ at a European and global level, which takes place on October 13, 14 and 15, 2022, to value the benefits of Europe by disseminating the Erasmus+ Program Projects , involving the educational community, parents, and the general public.
This initiative to celebrate ErasmusDays in Spain comes from SEPIE, the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education, and the IES San Sebastián participates to publicize and disseminate the seven Erasmus+ Projects of the Center that are being carried out.
Nearly 5,000 activities have been presented worldwide, and one of them has been carried out at the IES San Sebastián, which has focused on «SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION WITH EUROPEAN PARTNERS», being the only institute in Huelva that has celebrated it. .

The IES San Sebastián includes an Internationalization Program in the Center Plan, which specifies the different Erasmus+ Projects that are being carried out in the Center.

In this course the following projects are developed:
• KA101: «Learning and entrepreneurial initiative»
• KA122: “Information and communication technology”
• KA229: “Together, investigate and learn, to tackle climate issues”
• KA131: «Company internships abroad for FPGS students»
• KA226: “We are ready for digital World
• KA120: School Accreditation
• KA121: “Sustainable Education”

The ERASMUS+ Plan of the IES San Sebastián is focused on the following specific objectives: (1) Environmental Awareness, necessary to incorporate actions aimed at knowledge and appreciation of the environment, both globally and locally; (2) Improvement of coexistence, equality and inclusion; (3) Digitization; (4) Promotion of reading habit; (5) Reduction of school failure, implementing motivating pedagogical techniques that encourage them to take responsibility for their own training; (6) Internationalization of students, in turn promoting English language proficiency.
With this initiative to celebrate «Erasmus Days», all the teachers of the Center, school students and Vocational Training students, and all the parents have been made aware of the possibilities of internationalization of the students of the Center with the different projects that are being carried out in the Institute.
The IES San Sebastián ERASMUS+ Plan represents a great opportunity for students to travel around Europe free of charge, since the program is co-financed by the European Union within the Erasmus+ Program, and they can make short-term trips in groups or Long individual duration, up to a complete course. The IES Internationalization Department works to participate in European Projects as it states that these actions add a new dimension to quality training.

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