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Digital Signature

The teacher at Commerce & Marketing, Ana Gutiérrez, Has been working e-invoices and Digital signature with VET students in order to digitalize the business sector.

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature (e-signature) that verifies the authenticity of a digital document or message. Before digital signatures, you could sign a document and then the document owner could modify or change the document after you signed.

However, with a digital signature, the signature is timestamped and a private key is inserted to the specific document. So if the document changes, your signature will no longer be valid and the document will need to be re-signed.



In Spain, electronic invoicing is required for businesses that provide goods and services to the government. Suppliers of public administrations must send electronic invoices to the PGEFe (Punto General de Entrada de Facturas Electrónicas) which every public administration has prepared to receive electronic invoice files. The obligation to use electronic invoices in for business relationships between contractors and subcontractors with public administrations through the FACeB2B platform has been mandatory since 2018. https://edicomgroup.com/electronic-invoicing/spainhttps://edicomgroup.com/electronic-invoicing/spain

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