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4th GCSE Digital Print

Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint is the track you leave when surfing the internet, the data this activity generates.

We need to protect the way our personal data is treated, our privacy.

Digital fotprints crate what we call Big Data, a very powerful source of information for companies to know what people are demanding and so offer it to them.

An unknown person could falsify our identity once they have our digital footprint, with serious consequences.


– Remove old email accounts

– Limit social webs

– Avoid surveys

– Create an account for Spam

– Remove your name from searchs

– Set the stealth mode function when you do a search


– Keep your operating system up to date

– Use highly secure passwords

– Download apps from official sites

– On social network sites, only known people

– No one needs to know where you are!

– Do not open mails from unknown people

– Be careful with images!

Type full name between inverted commas
Check password
Unsuscribe from all type of services through deseat.me and justdeleteme, a search engine that makes us save time to unsuscribe from any site or social network
Delete or dactivate all shopping accounts, social networks and web services.

Remember your active profiles. Apart from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, do you still have accounts on Tumblr, Google +, MySpace? Which shopping accounts have you registered? To get rid of an Amazon account, for example, you have to go to Account Settings and close, deactivate or delete it (go to Security/Privacy). If you have a problem to eliminate an account, search «how to eliminate Facebook» on the internet. You’ll find clear instructions.

In synergy with our Erasmus KA 101 on entrepreneurship and FOE, these activities have taken place:

1st ACO (Commerce Activities VET students)

Crosscurricular activity to reflect on the importance of digital print on the internet.

Conclussions: students didn’t know much about its importance. Didn’t have adequate passwords. Didn’t take any precautions to protect their personal data.

4th GCSE Digital Print
4th GCSE Digital Print

To make students at this level (15-18 year-olds) aware of the importance of digital print in their professional future.

They put into practice the possible activities activities just stated. They had to write up their conclussions. They found it really useful.

Digital Print
Digital Print