C4: Koropi, Greece 23-27 January 2023

KA 226: We Are Ready for Digital World, 4th Mobility: How VR and AR technologies are used and adapted at schools.

Previous works before the mobility:  

  • We decided that WordPress was a more versatile site than Wix to  disseminate the project as displayed on eTwinning.
  • Virtual meeting between grade 4 students at Primary schools in Greece (Xenia) and Lithuania (Dainora, Lina). Students created their avatars, interactive postcards, used Padlet, a game on cybersecurity and analysed the time spent in front of screens. Cooperation  was the nicest objective.
  • Virtual meeting between a 6th year Primary group in Greece (Xenia) and a 1st year Secondary group in Spain (Antonio López). They talked about their countries, culture, traditions, …

DES Interactive European School – Primary

«The first bilingual school in Athens that combines the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, with the prestigious International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), which aims to prepare students to be active participants in a lifelong journey of learning. -We strive to make children confident and creative builders of their future, through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Fun, creativity, engagement, independent learning, curiosity, critical thinking and collaboration are at the heart of everything we do. Our pupils are encouraged to meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to solve problems in an atmosphere of cooperation, care, trust and respect.-«

Day 1:

  • Welcome to DES School by all students; visit facilities accompanied by sixth grade students who spoke perfect English.
  • Coordinators meeting
  • Classroom observation

Day 2:

  • Online meeting with the city Mayor.
  • Teacher Evan Chrinis presentation of apps: animated Maths programming with Python– MathemARTics, IB PYP Exhibition: Project Based Learning – Students using digital tools. Presentation to use and upload material to WordPress.
  • His youtube channel:


Other works from Evan Chrinis:


  • Students presentation of apps: Tangram with Osmo base, Plotagon /Bluestacks 5 animated videos on bullying (STEM project), Wix blog.

Day 3:

  • Guided tour of Acropolis Museum / Experience walk in the city.
  • Ναtional & Kapodistrian University of Athens. Participation in a Digital Storytelling Course I. Communication and soft skills applied to teaching. Kinemaster app.

Day 4:

  • Visit to Acropolis and Achaeologycal Museum
  • Ναtional & Kapodistrian University of Athens. Participation in a Digital Storytelling Course II. Tell our own stories by using Kinemaster.
  • Farewell dinner. Certificate delivery.

Day 5:

  • Coordinators meeting. Project closing.
  • Encounter with Ana Remesal, teacher at University of Barcelona, PhD in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Teaching-learning process in virtual and blended environments.

After the mobility

  • Presentation to school teachers and students.

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