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A12: WordPress, website of KA226


Apart from other ways to share and disseminate the project, including eTwinning, which unluckily crashed a few months ago, Ana Gutiérrez created a WordPress site. Her own students at Commerce & Marketing participated actively showing teachers how the platform worked. All our material and activities carried out are on that site as well.

The sections and activities displayed are aimed at making people aware of the wide range of apps, websites, platforms, software, and so on and so forth, available. We not only deploy numerous applications, but we also implement them in the classroom. It is up to the viewer to adapt them to their own contexts and let that a sparkle of imagination may arise in their daily teaching-learning process.

KA 226 We Are Ready for a Digital World was born to achieve quality in the teaching process in situations where class attendance is not possible, particularly during Covid-19 pandemic.

Ana Gutiérrez created an Excel sheet so that project participants could upload all the material to WordPress, sharing an enticing experience. It is by flicking through its pages that we all realize of the great work done.

Presentation on WordPress by students at Commerce & Marketing. students monitored teachers. Group teacher Ana Gutiérrez:

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